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May 15, 2018


I am in the final stages of editing the new book, "The Universal Self", which should be in print by the September of 2018.

The June 6, 2013 version of "The Universal Self" is available in PDF format at

This 2013 version is for you to get an idea of what will be in the finalized version which has many changes, clarifications, and new content.

However, the 2018 final print version keeps the core message of the 2013 version.

The content on this site will now be taken down for reconstruction in preparation for "The Book of Universal Self" launch.

Blogs, Q&A, "The Book of Universal Self" info and other spiritual info will be centrally located at or a new domain I am considering..

Until then, just consider the 2013 PDF missives as insights into my final missives and enjoy until then.

The Soul called AM

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