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Latin for Light Bringer - Bringer of Light

The Head Soul Tester

It is written, many, many years ago, that there existed a group of angels that had one purpose in existence. Their purpose in life was to protect the holy of holies, the throne of the most high, the garden of eden, from impurities entering.

In these writings, when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, an angel was stationed at the gate to make sure they could not get back in and eat of the tree of eternal life and mess things up since they had already eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

These angels still exist. They are not separate from God. They are aspects of God, parts of God's infinite body, that still do their one job – a most important job. This job is to make sure that we do not get more spiritual knowledge than we can handle. People think the world is screwed up today. However, it would be many, many times more screwed up if it was not for these spiritual testers.

The Head Tester has been called many names and had many images. Some call it the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub, Belial, Father of Lies, Old Serpent, Adversary, Power of Darkness, Tempter, Wicked One and the one I like the best of all – Lucifer. Lucifer is Latin for the Light Bringer or the Light Bearer.

Lucifer brings light into our spiritual journey when we need testing and spiritual lessons. Lucifer cannot do anything to us in which we do not agree to participate. We have to dance with the devil or the devil has no power over us. Lucifer cannot kill us. Lucifer can only scare us to death by making us THINK Lucifer can kill us.

One simple way to think of the Head Tester is the following:

Lucifer is like the product quality tester who waits at the end of an assembly line in a factory.

If the final product is a toaster, this product quality tester's job is to make sure that the toaster does what it is being sent out into the world to do.

This tester makes sure that the toast does not pop out and hit the ceiling.

This tester makes sure that when the customer plugs it into an electrical socket that it does not electrocute the customer.

This tester is there to make sure that the product can handle the job it is being sent out into the world to do.

If the product fails the test, it is either worked on and given another chance or just taken apart and the parts used to make other products.

Lucifer is God's Head Spiritual Quality Tester.

The moment we say, I have learned my lesson, this is the way I am going to be from now on, we have made a date with Lucifer. We can be on guard as much as we want. However, when we least expect it, we will turn a corner in our journey and Lucifer will be there waiting for us saying, “Are you sure? Try this and let's see how ready you are. Let us see how sincere you are?

Right now as I write this, Lucifer is planting thoughts in my mind to get me to do something that I said I would not do again. Immediately upon hearing the thought, I have to say, "get away from me Lucifer". The thoughts keep coming and I keep responding with "get away from me Lucifer". While I am responding this way, I also keep doing what I am doing, writing these thoughts, moving along as if the "thoughts" of Lucifer are a waste of time to even consider. As long as I keep saying "get away from me Lucifer" and inwardly let go of any attachment to what the thoughts are suggesting I do - the thoughts diminish for now and I keep continuing on doing whatever I am doing that is in line with unfolding and uplifting spiritual thoughts and actions.

It is only when we keep entertaining the "thoughts of Lucifer" that the thoughts get stronger and more seductive. Before you know it, we are doing just what we said we would not be doing. We do what we said we would not do while all along the way have thoughts popping into our thought stream reminding us that we should not be doing this - but we continue anyway once the thoughts seem to take on a life of their own. We seem to just go along for the ride.

We think all the thoughts we hear in our mind are our thoughts. This is not true. We have some of our thoughts, some other thoughts are Lucifer's and some other thoughts are the Holy Spirit. We think the most. Lucifer thinks second to us. The Holy Spirit doesn't say much but the thoughts come from the deepest core of our awareness. If you are very watchful of your thoughts, you will be amazed at how incrediblely smart and slick some of the thoughts of Lucifer's are in getting us to think that it is our thoughts that we are hearing.

In human school, the lessons come before the test. In Spiritual life, the lessons come when we fail the spiritual tests. If we pass the test, we may not even be aware that we had a test.

If we fail the test, we will know it and probably know the moment we agreed to dance with Lucifer. If we pass the test, we will be granted more knowledge and the chance to have more intimacy with the Holy of Holies, the Great Spirit we call God. We will be given more responsibility in unfolding the infinite plan of God.

Spirit-humans tend to call this tester the Devil when they fail the test and want to blame the Devil instead of acknowledging their own choice to dance with Lucifer. They call Lucifer Satan when they desire to dance with Lucifer in order to get special gifts or help from Lucifer. However, after Lucifer is done using them, they will get bitten and start calling Lucifer the Devil.

If we believe in an Omnipresent God, then there is nothing but God. There can be no power contrary to God if all is God. There can be no “evil force” within the Omnipresence of God. There can be only aspects of God, Manifestations of God within God. Everything that exists within the Omnipresence of God has a part to play or it would not be within the Omnipresence that is God. God cannot be against God. God cannot be having a spiritual war with God if God is Omnipresence - all there is, was and therefore ever will be.

The hormones we feel when we are in a passionate embrace with a lover are almost chemically identical to Methadone, a derivative to Heroin. The hormone adreneline is almost chemically identical to amphetimine or "speed" These two hormones are what some call the "spice of life". There are some spirit-humans who are addicted to what in the drug addict world is called a speed-bomb. This can be a lethal combination of heroin, a downer, and amphetimine or "speed". A downer and an upper. Some spirit-humans say some of the best sex is after a fight. This is just another form of a speed bomb. The fight produces the "upper" and the passionate embrace after the fight produces the "heroin".

Regardless of how sincere we are in "doing the right thing", these hormones can seduce even the most sincere seeker of the "Kingdom Of Heaven".

These hormones are part of the tools that Lucifer uses to do his/her job.

Don't blame the poor Devil for just doing his/her job. A job that Lucifer does so well.


Lucifer, God's best product quality tester.

The devil does not make you do it.

You just choose to dance with the devil.


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